2009 International Study Tour full-speed ahead!

Sara Jones, Program Manager

Hello! My name is Sara Jones and I am a Program Manager with TMMBA. I spend most of my day making sure the student experience in the program is great. Right now I’ve been working hard coordinating the ‘09 International Study Tour and thought I’d take a break and tell you a little bit about the trip.

The Study Tour is an excellent opportunity to learn how business is conducted around the world! The trip takes place during spring break between quarters five and six. This year TMMBA is heading to Eastern Europe. Students will visit companies and meet with executives in Budapest, Bratislava and Prague. I’m really excited because we are extending the trip from 7 to 10 days this year. That means there will be extra company visits, more cultural activities, and free time to explore the cities and get to know classmates better. During fall and winter quarters we will be arranging the company visits and academic activities. The itinerary is usually 75% confirmed two months before departure.

We’re trying out a few new ideas this year to improve the student experience before take-off. This past month I rolled out a website dedicated to the Study Tour. Everything a student needs to know about the trip will be posted to the site including itineraries, costs, readings, deadlines, etc. We have also moved to online registration for the trip and will be able to accept credit card payments for the first time. I hope that both of these features make the registration process much easier for students.

If you’re curious about the ‘09 trip to Eastern Europe, take a peak at the Study Tour website.

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