2018 YEOC Senior Celebration

Mentors congratulate seniors and their families following the Senior Spotlight Ceremony

At the end of the academic year, a special session is dedicated to high school seniors at YEOC. Our end of year senior celebration is a time to congratulate students and support them as they transition into the next phase of their lives and academic careers. What better way to celebrate our incredible seniors than to acknowledge the impact they’ve made on their mentors and peers?

At the Senior Spotlight Ceremony mentors took turns speaking about each student in their group and shared parting words of encouragement and advice. YEOC seniors Abel and Dunya also spoke about what YEOC means to them and the impact of their long-time involvement in the program. Last but certainly not least, a special shout out was given to Damariz Ibanez, YEOC program manager and Andy Marzano, Associate Director of Undergraduate Diversity Services who have both worked tirelessly to ensure that students, mentors and special guests have a transformative experience at YEOC.

Mentor Mike leads seniors in a large group ice breaker

In addition to goal setting workshops, one-on-one mentee check-ins and themed college panels with current undergraduates, Foster students Mike Guevarra and Mentor in Training (and soon-to-be mentor) Bryan Lopez planned a fun-packed session full of spontaneous dancing, ice breakers and endless prize giveaways. EY representatives Vic Carrero and Chris Feldman also spoke about future opportunities at EY and gave lots of practical advice about networking, budgeting, finding a mentor and more to the seniors.

Representatives Vic Carrero and Chris Feldman from Ernst & Young share tips for success with graduating seniors (EY is rated #1 for Diversity and Inclusion by Diversity Inc.)

For many, the transition from high school to college can present unique challenges for a variety of reasons. As mentors, we know how challenging it can be to go through big life transitions and the impact that connecting with a person you can relate to has on that process. Although everyone faces unique obstacles on their paths, some of which we have or haven’t experienced ourselves, as mentors, we are here to support all students and help connect them to the resources they need to succeed during and after YEOC.

Mentor Idowu congratulations her mentees after sharing a heartful message of appreciation and encouragement

While several seniors will be joining the University of Washington this fall, others will take off to different parts of the country, or state, to start their next chapter. We support each student in their unique journey and wish everyone the very best!

(Left to right) Mentors and MiTs: Bontu, YEOC Progam Manager Damariz Ibanez, Miracle, Maggie, and Ava at the 2018 YEOC Senior Celebration

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