Meet the 2022 Jones + Foster Accelerator Cohort

Seven startups accepted into the 2022 cohort of the Jones + Foster Accelerator will seek to meet 6 months of milestones for a possible award of up to $25,000Judging the potential of an early-stage startup means you sometimes must go beyond the numbers alone. Are they dedicated to really solving a problem? Do they have the desire to positively impact lives? The seven startups accepted into the 2022 cohort of the Jones + Foster Accelerator check both boxes and then some. Each team will be tasked with meeting six months of measurable goals and milestones. Those that do may receive up to $25,000 in follow-on funding from the program hosted by the Foster School’s Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington. Along the way, they will receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and investors from across the region.

“This cohort features diverse teams with practical experiences and limitless potential,” said Yuko Oaku, program manager for the Accelerator and the Dempsey Startup Competition. “We believe they will meet the challenges of our time with conviction and join previous cohorts in finding long-term success.”

The teams will also receive a brand-new level of support thanks to a sponsorship from UW CoMotion. For the first time ever, the cohort will be given free space in Startup Hall to operate their startups. The location is one of three that CoMotion Labs regularly offers for a fee to early-stage startups to grow their life science, hardware, and technology startups.

Introducing the startups accepted into the 2022–2023 Accelerator

CathConnect | LinkedIn: CathConnect

CathConnect improves the safety of urinary catheters by using a novel breakaway device that allows the tube to disconnect when pulled, protecting patients from accidental removals.

DevMatch | LinkedIn: DevMatch

DevMatch helps companies hire software engineers more effectively with its next-generation talent assessment platform that automatically evaluates real-life technical challenges.

Just Right Bite | Instagram: @jrbpetfood

Just Right Bite offers a premium quality product without the environmental cost by replacing animal protein with insects.

Reclaim | LinkedIn: @reclaimtheweb

Reclaim is replacing the ad-driven internet with a privacy-first micro-transaction platform.

Redesign Products | Instagram: @redesignproducts

Redesign Products is proud to announce ReDesign Preworkout: The only stick pack pre-workout that allows gyms to sell single servings over the counter to customers.

Ultropia | LinkedIn: @ultropia | Instagram: @UltropiaUltrasonics

Ultropia is developing the first all-in-one ultrasonic washer and dryer to increase access to sanitation by providing a resource-, energy-, and time-saving appliance.

XpressiveTech | Twitter: @Xpressivetech1 | Instagram: xpressivetech2020

XpressiveTech helps chronic pain patients communicate their pain more effectively and enables more objective, consistent measurements to provide more effective and proactive care.

2022-2023 Accelerator Cohort Adds to Program’s Legacy

The 2022 cohort brings with it a strong resume of experience and success from their days as students. Here’s a snapshot: Team Ultropia won prizes in the 2022 Dempsey Startup Competition, the 2022 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge (EIC), the 2022 Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge (HIC), the 2022 Science & Technology Showcase (STS), the 2022 GIX Innovation Competition, and in competitions held by Washington State University and MIT. Teams XpressiveTech and Reclaim took part in the 2022 Dempsey Startup. XpressiveTech also took part in the 2022 Social Venture Plan Competition at Seattle Pacific University. Redesign Products participated in the 2021 Dempsey Startup and created an Indiegogo campaign to raise funding. Just Right Bite won the second place prize in the 2022 EIC, as well as prizes in the 2022 Dempsey Startup, and is a spinout from the Foster School’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program along with DevMatch, who also won a prize in the 2022 Dempsey Startup. CathConnect won the second-place prize and best medical device prize at the 2022 HIC, as well as a prize in the 2022 Dempsey Startup.

Seventy-five startups have now earned awards through the Accelerator and 63 are still in business today—securing $20M in venture funding for its protein-discovery platform that improves the development of pharmaceutical drugs, raising $3M for wastewater treatment tech and doubling the size of its Seattle facility, being named to Forbes 30 under 30 by reducing wasted medicationdisrupting the knitting world and fighting for small business apps, harnessing TikTok to become the “largest education social media company” in modern history, partnering with the NFL, and empowering thousands of young girls, among others.

The program is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Herbert B. Jones Foundation, program incentives like the McAleer Early Start Fund, and supporters of the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. A special thank you also goes out to the 45+ mentors who dedicate their valuable time to helping grow the startup ecosystem in Seattle.

For more details on the Jones + Foster Accelerator, please visit, or contact the Buerk Center at [email protected].