Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest 2018

The Global Business Center is very happy to announce the winners and 2nd place recipients of its 12th Annual Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest. This year’s entries represent the transformative and unique global experiences that study abroad and Global Business Center offers for students each year. The captions reveal deeper insights on their accompanying pictures to help bring their stories to life.

Photos were submitted in the following categories:

  • Foster Spirit: Show off Foster/UW swag while abroad
  • My Global Lens: Views uniquely accessible to students living abroad
  • Study Abroad & Me: Students and/or friends made abroad
  • Alumni

Foster School Faculty and Staff served as judges for the above categories. The winning photos received the most votes within their particular category. The People’s Choice winning photo received the greatest number of votes by the general public.

Enjoy these amazing photos and learn more about all the ways undergraduate students can learn about business abroad by visiting the GBC Undergrad Study Abroad Options website.

To see all photo submissions, check out the GBC Facebook page.

Max Thomas
Foster Exchange at CBS (Copenhagen Business School) // Spring Semester 2018

Photo Location: Trolltunga, Norway
Photo Title: The Troll’s Tongue
Caption: One of the most scenic hikes, Trolltunga, in one of the most scenic countries, Norway, in the world.

Foster Spirit, 1st Place
Riley Flynn
Business Australia Exploration Seminar // Early Fall Start 2018

Photo Location: Sydney, Australia
Photo Title: P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
Caption: A great group photo on the waterfront after a tour of the indigenous “Rocks” of Sydney.

Foster Spirit, 2nd Place
Olivia Battison
Foster Rome Program // Summer B 2018

Photo Location: Tuscany, Italy
Photo Title: World Wide (& Wine) Travelers
Caption: We did a wine tasting at Tabarrini Winery in Tuscany. We learned about the difference between ungrafted and grafted grapes, and we tasted various flavors with all five of our senses!

My Global Lens, 1st Place
Tristan Ingold
Business China Exploration Seminar // Early Fall Start 2018

Photo Location: Guilin Prefecture, Yangshuo County, Yangshuo Township, Gaozhou Village
Photo Title: Newest Student of Gaozhou
Caption: As part of the exploration seminar our group had the opportunity to bring gifts and visit a small grade school in a rural village in China. The event afforded us the opportunity to both observe rural Chinese education and get to know the youth in that area.

My Global Lens, 2nd Place
Nathaniel Wipfler
Foster Exchange at NUS (National University of Singapore) // Spring Semester 2018

Photo Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Photo Title: Volcanic Views
Caption: Hiked through the night to see the sun rise from the top of one of the world’s most active volcanoes – Mt. Merapi.

Study Abroad & Me, 1st Place
Hailey Sagmoem
Business Australia Exploration Seminar // Early Fall Start 2018

Photo Location: Brisbane, Australia
Photo Title: Studying Abroad is a Hoot!
Caption: We spent the day at O’Reilly’s Rainforest and met new friends along the way.

Study Abroad & Me, 2nd Place
Olivia Ling
Business India Exploration Seminar // Early Fall Start 2018

Photo Location: Mcleodganj – Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India
Photo Title: Himalayan Adventure
Caption: After a 6 hour trek from Mcleodganj to Triund, we stopped to take a picture at the very top, as the sun was setting in the distance. Despite the monsoon rains and slippery stones, the wonderful view at the top made the trek extremely worth it!

People’s Choice, 1st Place
Chloe Lium
Foster Barcelona Program // Summer Quarter 2018

Photo Location: Barcelona, Spain
Photo Title: The Great Gaudí
Caption: The Sagrada Família was something I have been wanting to visit since studying Spanish my freshman year of high school. It’s beauty can not be done justice by any photograph- and I recommend that everyone visits this beautiful basi­lica in their lifetime.

People’s Choice, 2nd Place
Michelle Szeto
Business China Exploration Seminar // Early Fall Start 2018

Photo Location: Great Wall, China
Photo Title: EPIC Great Wall
Caption: Completely empty Great Wall of China made for the most EPIC hike of a lifetime.

Alumni Winner
Syaza Khalisah Said Muhamad Khalil
Business/JSIS Oman & Qatar: Bridging the Gulf Study Tour // Spring Break 2018

Photo Location: German University of Technology (GUTech), Oman
Photo Title: An Oasis for Students
Caption: The German University of Technology in Oman has a campus that resembles an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s study abroad photo contest! Check out the GBC website to enter into next year’s Foster Study Abroad Photo Contest.

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