My Trip to Switzerland

Guest Post by: Foster Marketing Senior Quentin Lebeau. He is a Foster School Undergraduate who participated in a Foster Exchange at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France in Fall semester 2018.

At one point during my time in France, I was able to take a few days to explore Switzerland. My journey started by taking a flight from Nantes to Zurich. As soon as I arrived, I found a train and took it the town center, and then wandered to my hostel. The next day I explored the city, walking everywhere I could, and exploring as much as possible. After that I made my way to Lucerne, where I spent the morning exploring the city and seeing the main attractions. That afternoon I took a train, once again, to Bern. As small as Bern was, it still wasn’t what I hoped it’d be. It still very much felt like an ordinary city, with all the business and dirtiness that I was used to. The difference was the surrounding natural beauty outside the city which took the forms of mountains, rivers and forests. After exploring the city, I took a trip to Interlaken for the day. Unfortunately I arrived to heavy and rain and foggy conditions. Rather than spend my time inside a café, I found a train that took me to Jungfraujoch, “the top of Europe”. It was a day long journey that took me to 11,000 ft up into the alps. Even the top was foggy, but it was still an amazing experience to journey so high up with glimpses of stunning views. It was a dream come true, and something I’d wanted to experience ever since I was a kid.

I made the journey back to Interlaken then took a train back to Bern. The next morning I went from Bern to Geneva, where I spent half a day seeing the main attractions, then I made my way to Lyon in France for the final stop of my trip. Lyon turned out to be one of my favorite cities in France. When I get there I made my way across town, got on a trolley and made it to a hill that overlooked all of Lyon right as the sun was setting. It was a great ending to an amazing trip. Afterwards, I found the metro and went back to the train station to catch my train back to Nantes.