3 down, 3 to go

Aaron Lykken, Program Manager – Student Services

Summer quarter is drawing to a close and very soon TMMBA Class 9 will be enjoying about 2-3 weeks off from school responsibilities.  As with all breaks in the TMMBA program, the range is dependent on when students choose to start preparing for the next quarter.  On the closing week of classes for each quarter I equip the students with all of the course materials they will need for the coming academic quarter.  In general this equates to a binder per course (normally 3 classes a quarter) containing their course materials such as syllabi, readings, cases, etc. and any assigned textbooks.  While this is met with some joking dislike by the students (understandably most don’t enjoy thinking about the next quarter until the one they are in finishes), this is an excellent example of one of the many services that TMMBA provides to keep our students focused on their studies.  Instead of having to go to the University Bookstore or picking up your course packet from a copy center, students instead are provided with everything they need in advance so they can decide for themselves when they need to get to work.  After finishing 3 busy quarters of the program (with 3 more until they graduate) I know many will be heading off for a much needed vacation, and I’m well aware that none of the books I gave them for the Autumn are exactly easy reads for the beach. 🙂

Autumn textbooks and course binders