3 weeks in India, a lifetime of memories.

RINALaundry Mat in MumbaiRegardless of how many days you stay here, India never stops amazing you. In New Delhi, I found the Islamic influences in India and a new picture of insane humidity and traffic. In Agra, I found the wonders of the world from the Taj Mahal to Akbar’s tomb and the families who turned rocks and tarps into homes. In Mumbai, I found slums where people living in far worse conditions than me, living unimaginably content lives. In Pune, I found Tata motors, the Nano, and proof that India is definitely coming up as a powerhouse in the global economy. In Goa, I found open beaches and Portuguese influences in buildings, language, and food. In Bangalore, I realized just how far India has come in terms of information technology and why it Rinahas surpassed so many developed nations with its abundance of knowledge. In Mysore, I found majestic palaces and wonderful silk in a variety of colors.

In the course of 3 weeks, I saw numerous parts of India that no amount of words can fully capture. The experiences, businesses, architecture, and people I have met are beyond anything I imagined. Whether you decide to a 3 week or a 3 month study abroad, I strongly urge to students to experience India. It truly is a country unlike any other you have or will encounter.