Soulful Concerts – in Seoul!

Guest Post by: Maya Lustgarten, a Foster Senior studying Business Administration and pursuing a Certificate of International Studies in Business. She participated in Foster Exchange at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written one of these, although it definitely doesn’t feel like much time has passed. I’ve been so busy doing things every day of every week that it feels like I’ve only been here for a really short time. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!


The concert I went to today!

Today I’m going to my last concert here. I’ve been to three now, plus three free university concerts. In other words – I’ve been living it up here, seeing a majority of my favorite singers and rappers multiple times!! Today I’m going alone, writing this on the packed subway where I barely managed to get a seat. But for the other concerts I went to, I went with friends and even made some new ones there!





I passed by this one day festival walking home one day

The concert, music, and performance culture here is just… incredible. I’ve realized now just how packed an artists schedule is here. In fact, it seems like (and is like) every weekend when I walk into the urban area near Yonsei University I pass some sort of concert stage set up right outside the subway. There’s always someone performing nearby, whether it’s an artist busking or a random festival that seemingly materializes out of nowhere.





Here’s proof I’ve been pretty close to some of my favorite artists!

I think out of all of the concerts I’ve been to, the 2-day outdoor festival that I went to was the most enjoyable. I went with one of my (now) good friends, and saw pretty much every artist that I wanted to see while in Korea!! I was also able to get close to the stage each day, and was even able to picnic in the morning before my favorite came on! I’m so happy I’ve gotten to see so many artists, and I hope I can see them all again sometime!