365 days of TMMBA

Reetu Gupta, TMMBA student

Today marks the one year anniversary of our TMMBA start. Wow! What a year!

When I look back, I see overwhelming number of lectures, discussions, case studies, assignments, presentations, team meetings, mid terms and finals and camaraderie with classmates. Best of all – tons and tons of learning and fun.

It all started with Semiahmoo on January 4th, 2009 and since then it has been a high speed race. Race between me and time. There is always too much to do and too little time. Racing with time to see who runs faster. How much can I do in 24 hours. It seems like I have been running a marathon for a year without any rest break. Well, there were few breaks in between but those came with a stack of books and binders to be read. Looking back reminds me Karma’s macro economics, Ali’s micro economics, all the accounting and finance classes as well as leadership and strategy classes. We absorbed like a sponge (with a hope that it sticks). With both qualitative and quantitative courses, I don’t think there is any part of my brain, that was not exercised during past one year. Additionally, personally for me, it was a unique experience. This was my first experience with American graduate education system and to say the least, it was all worth it.

All the professors so far have done justice to their jobs and our TMMBA class. Classes have been lively and interactive. Case studies have been a tremendous tool to apply the text book knowledge in real case scenarios. So far it has been a very enriching program.

Surprising part is now that finish line is in sight; it’s sort of making me sad. In some ways, I’m glad that I’ll be done with almost 30 hours of grueling every week (in addition to job and family). In other ways, a bigger part of me has accepted my team, class and TMMBA staff as extension of my family and it hurts to think of not being in constant contact with them. I guess that is life. We still have two quarters to go. And I’m sure these won’t be any slower than any previous quarters.

Now off to marketing case on Kodak for first class next Saturday!

Reetu Gupta.
Almost there – class of 2010 TMMBA

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