Business Management Certificate Alumni Profile: Nilesh Borade, PE Director, Business Process Analysis at Jamco America

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your career:

I am originally from India. I did my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Mumbai University, India then I moved to the U.S. to pursue my master’s in mechanical engineering from Old Dominion University, VA. Prior to joining the course, I had been working at Jamco America for the past 15 years—started as Mechanical Design Engineer and got promoted to Director of Technical Services. Since completing the course, I started utilizing the skills I learned such as competitive advantages & market positioning for new product as well as overall general business planning.

Why did you choose to attend the program?

I was promoted from manager position to director level and lacked formal training in business administration and thought this program will help me learn the required skills.

How has attending the course impacted your career?

It has given me lot of confidence as I now understand the overall reasoning behind different the things needed to stay competitive in business.

What was your experience like during the course?

The experience was really amazing, learning from wide range of experts with decades of experience in industry. Apart from regular teaching, the homework pushes you a lot more to ensure the learning stays ingrained.

What skill from the course were you able to apply immediately at your job? Or what skills from the course are you using now?

Analyzing business needs as well as keeping an eye on thinking of the big picture of business are skills I applied immediately. I use tools I learned from Professor Chelley Patterson regarding Organizational Behavior, detailed business strategy planning from Professor Rick McPherson, as well as interpreting financial statements.

In what ways have you been able to measure the return on investment of participating in the program?

Well, I typically go back and see what I learned from class, when I face problems, which are not in my technical expertise. If I then know how to approach them due to class, it’s a huge ROI.

Is there anything you wish you had known prior to starting the program?

Not really, but course was much more demanding and in-depth than I thought, which in hindsight pleasant surprise.

What would you like to share with prospective students of the program?

This class will give you exposure to every single aspect of business. If you are not planning to do a full-blown MBA, this program is a must to have to advance your career. This program will also give you enough skills to solve many problems you would face in your management career.

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