5 Supply Chain Management Influencers You Need to Follow

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Supply chain management is an innovative, competitive, and ever-changing field that requires precision, mastery, and focus. And who better to learn from than the biggest names in supply chain? Supply chain management influencers are treasure chests of knowledge- ready for the taking. They offer tips on performance, opinions on the latest trends, and unique perspectives of the field.

The following influencers are leaders of major companies, authors, and renowned speakers in the business. Their content is engaging, informative, inspiring, and relevant to today.

Follow, engage, and stay up-to date with the industry with the help of these 5 supply chain management influencers.

  1. Dr. James A. Tompkins: CEO of Tompkins International, a global supply chain consulting firm, and author and contributor of over 30 books on supply chain strategy and operations. His twitter feed offers insights on how to improve supply chain management through logistics, material handling, and business strategy.
  2. Lora Cecere: Founder of Supply Chain Insights and published author, Lora writes and tweets about market analysis and data, and often dives deep with case studies. She also has a podcast, Straight Talk which is geared toward helping supply chain leaders understand supply chain trends, evolving technologies and which metrics matter.
  3. Martijn Graat: Founder of LogisticsMatter, an online supply chain and logistics news platform. He speaks to supply chain and logistics trends and developments, and curates industry news.
  4. Cathy Roberson: Founder/Head Analyst of Logistics Trends & Insights, a research & consulting company that provides news, reports and analysis on global logistics market. The former librarian is a contributor to Forbes,The Loadstar, and FreightWaves publications.
  5. Paul Page: Editor of the Wall Street Journal Logistics Report for the past four years. Paul covers and comments on transportation, international trade, supply chain management, logistics, aviation and expedited shipping, logistics.

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Written by Olga Jimenez
MSCM Content Strategy Writer
[email protected]