60 Hours/Week?

DearTMMBA_640pxWe’ve noticed that a lot of our readers have pressing questions about the nature of a Technology Management MBA from UW’s Foster School of Business. From “Tell me about Foster” to all the way to “How will I survive an 18-month program?” So, we’ve decided to respond to myriad inquiries about the MBA for technology professionals. 

I’m a mid-level manager at a technology company and am taking on a more strategic role and may even start managing a small group of software developers.  I’m thinking an MBA is the way to go, but my job is super demanding and I can’t take time off work for an MBA. Help!
– 60Hrs/Wk

Dear 60Hrs/Wk,
The program is designed for people just like you. It lasts 18 months, and classes occur one evening per week and every other Saturday. The format was specially designed to accommodate working professionals who want to pursue an MBA as part of their career goals. Program staff supply your reading material and coordinate dinner before classes so that you can maximize your time focusing on your business education and your life outside the program.

We realize that you may have a pressing question of your own, so please feel free to write Dear TMMBA  or you can call us at 206-221-6914. We’ll get right on it.

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