A South Korea Must: Lotte World!

Guest Post By: Senior studying Human Resources and Information Systems, Erika Yoshino. During Spring Semester 2022, Erika studied abroad on a Foster Exchange with Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

When researching about South Korea and things to do there, I will always mention Lotte World! Lotte World consists of an outdoor amusement park called “Magic Island” and one of the biggest indoor theme parks called “Adventure. It’s about an hour away from Seoul, located right next to the Jamsil Station so I recommend going early and planning well! As a foreigner and a tourist, there are discounted passes you can buy including the fast passes that I recommend looking into! It gets super busy on the weekends and holidays so my friends and I decided to get three fast passes. Many rides and attractions are perfect for adults and kids, such as indoor and outdoor roller coasters and classics like the Viking or Teacup rides. My favorite ride was the Comet Express (which we had to use the fast pass on because the line was so long). The Comet Express is a ride at the outside portion of the park that took you underground and on a seat that spins that takes you through “the dark space as a flying comet”.

It’s common to go to Lotte World dressed in school uniforms you can rent for the day and buy character headbands to wear throughout the park! I would say dressing up is a part of the full authentic experience. Even getting a uniform is quite busy and one of the popular locations to rent had a two-hour wait when we went. Not only are there rides but also an ice skating rink and even an aquarium to enjoy, not to mention the several food stalls. Even if you aren’t able to go on many rides, there are so many things to look at and a parade and light show if you stay til the end. If you’re going to South Korea, Lotte World with friends is a must!