A weekend in Cefalu

By Risa Ochiai, Foster Undergraduate and Global Business Center Scholarship Recipient who participated in the Foster Rome Program this summer

Rome Risa Ochiai 3One of the best time in Italy was when I visited Cefalu for two nights with two other friends from the program. We were able to do several personal trips during the program, but Cefalu was my favorite place. Cefalu is a small town in Sicily island, south of Rome. We took an early bus to the airport, and flew to the Palermo airport. Then we took a bus to Palermo station (about 45min), and took a local train to Cefalu (about an hour). We stayed at AirBnB and it was 10 min walk from the station, 3min walk to the beach and a min walk to the Duomo.

We got there around 1pm so we decided to head to the beach after we dropped off our stuff. Although that weekend was really windy in Cefalu, the beach was still really pretty with emerald Rome Risa Ochiai 2green water. After that we were able to catch a breath-taking sunset by the beach.

Next day, we woke up early in the morning to hike Rocca di Cefalu. Rocca di Cefalu is a giant rock in the town of
Cefalu, where you will able to find the evidence of human activity from 4-5th century BC. People moved to the top of this rock at that time to get a better protection from pirates. There was also a castle at the top.

When we climbed on top of Rocca di Cefalu (takes about a little over an hour including taking pictures), we were able to see the entire city of beautiful Cefalu. While we were at the top, we saw a cave on the other Rome Risa Ochiai 4side of town that we have not explored. So after completing our hike in the morning, we went to check the other side of town and found a quiet cave.

While we were on the program, we also visited Cinque Terre, Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, Pompeii and Naples. We realized that every city in Italy has its own history and culture. It almost felt like being in a different country every time we visited a different city, and that was a new experience to me.

The weekend in Cefalu was so calming and relaxing, and I am so glad that we got to spend a weekend in this small beautiful town on the island.

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