Adventures Down Under

Anthony (2)After landing and getting settled in here in Sydney, I quickly started to realize how amazing this city really is. For the first few days, I didn’t even have a permanent place to live. I stayed a few nights in a hostel and then switched to couch-surfing with a friend while I looked for a permanent residence. Although this process was stressful, it actually turned out to be a blessing in the sense that it gave me a great opportunity to explore the area and learn a bit more about the layout of Sydney itself. Within a span of a few days, I had seen most of downtown Sydney and got a good idea of the different suburbs in the area and their locations. I was pretty much just walking around Sydney with the biggest smile on my face because I had FINALLY made it 🙂

Orientation Week was a great chance to meet new people and hear about events on campus. The school threw a few parties for the students within the first couple weeks. There are two bars on campus, and one of them hosts concerts and school parties. In fact, one of the bars had a secret show last night and the Foo Fighters came! The tickets sold out too fast for me to get one, but it shows that they can bring in some major acts. On the topic of concerts, a friend of mine got a few free tickets to MGMT a couple weeks ago, and it was pretty cool seeing them in Australia!

The best part so far has probably been meeting cool people from literally all over the world. There have been countless social events planned already within the group on international students. I’ve had the opportunity to visit four different beaches, and they are absolutely GORGEOUS. Laying out on the beach all day definitely doesn’t make you miss Seattle’s rain 🙂

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