Allie Jones- Wexley School for Girls

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-10-28-49-pmMy internship path is different than most. Through AMA, I visited Wexley School for Girls. Not a school, but rather an ad agency known for their work for clients like the Seattle Sounders, Brooks Running, Microsoft, and Rainier Beer. Along with their high-quality work. Wexley is known for their unique culture- something I recommend looking into when seeking internships. On the tour, we got a peek at their office, which contained a grand-piano-turned-conference-table, a functional putt-putt golf course, and my future desk below one of many Bruce Lee posters. The kind of quirky place that actually make you want to go to work.

In a moment of boldness, I tweeted at the CEO after the tour. We eventually chatted back and forth, keeping in touch. When a position opened up I was hired as an account management intern. The backbone of this role is a quarter-long research project, but the day-to-day duties varied every day. My managers advocated for hand-on projects: everything from new business development to compiling strategic competitive audits. This was not a position for simply fetching coffee.

Outside of client work, Wexley is intentional about building a community. Simple things like weekly Friday happy hours provide a casual environment to get to know coworkers from other departments. Other events I got to participate in included things like the Super Bowl of Typing (ask me about my near-win) and Fancy AF Friday (imagine lots of mimosas and sequins). Participating in events like these are always worth going to as they provide opportunities to get to know your coworkers and show commitment outside of regular work.

By the time my internship was over, I didn’t want to go. I had invested time and effort to learning about the industry and people around me, but I wanted more. That’s the best sign that you’ve found the right internship. Luckily, I was able to continue relationships with my coworkers, and was asked back the next fall: another 3 month stint. When you find an internship that aligns with what you want, be all in. When you work hard, the burden of boredom is rarely a concern. That’s the kind of thing that keeps you coming back for more.