Almost Done with the First Quarter!

Teagen Densmore, TMMBA Student

Today I have one week of classes left and one week of finals after that. The quarter has gone by so quickly! Overall, the school work has been very challenging and very interesting, my teammates and classmates are fantastic, and the staff is outstanding.

This quarter’s classes are Accounting, Microeconomics, Statistics and Strategy and I’ve already noticed that I listen to and understand business news (and all news, really) in a whole new light.

Although I’m only one quarter into business school, I’m planning on giving the Foster Business Plan Competition a go. Leading up to the competition, Foster’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship bring in entrepreneurs to talk on various topics regarding start-ups. Since the talks are on Thursday nights and I’m usually at class reviews on Thursdays, I’ve been listening to the talks online. I really appreciate the convenience of having these talks available online, saying the TMMBA keeps me busy is an understatement!

Next quarter’s schedule looks very fun:

TMMBA 507: Global Economic Conditions
TMMBA 512: Corporate Finance
TMMBA 551: Global Management I

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