And so the quarter ends…

Lucas Perin, TMMBA Student

As Plato would say (as I remember from playing Magic, the Gathering), all things must come to an end. And that includes our quarter.

There’s no real vacation between quarters. Really, don’t count on it. What happens is that you don’t go to class a couple Mondays (or Wednesdays, if that’s your thing), but between the last Saturday of Q1 and the first Saturday of Q2 there are two weeks, just like “normal” times.

And there are a lot of pre-reads and homework between quarters. Honest. A lot. You even have to watch a movie.

At the end of the quarter, the summary is:
– Accounting was great, and a welcome surprise. I can decently read a company report now.
– Microeconomy was interesting, but a little shorter than expected, so it felt a little incomplete.
– Statistics was good. Not very interesting by itself, but I can see it being used in other courses.
– Strategy was “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. If the last class was the first, it would make much more sense.
– Team building was great. I used a lot of it on my current job and it paid off.

So far, still very much worth it.