Another weekend in Puerto Vallarta?

n10738878_38625111_23041.jpegI feel more situated at my new house. Thank goodness I don’t see any gigantic insects in my bedroom or bathroom, and there are less mosquitoes here. My roommates are friendly, yet rarely home. The best part is that I leave my house at 8:58am and get to work by 9:02am, walking. I also have time to go out after work. For example, yesterday, I went to La Gran Plaza, which is a gigantic shopping center. I felt like I was in California. The stores were very similar to what we have in the states including Hugo Boss, Armani, Mango, etc.

n10738878_38937141_631.jpegI have a friend who works as a flight attendant and has this weekend off. She’s planning to come to Mexico for the weekend, however, the only easy access flight that she could possibly hop on is one that flies to Puerto Vallarta. SO…. guess where I will be heading again this weekend? PUERTO VALLARTA! I’m excited to see my friend, as well as the lovely beaches as we reunite in Mexico. This time, I will bring more sunscreen!