Apply by June 1 for Extra Benefits

Tina Bassir, TMMBA Associate Director

There are three great reasons to apply to the TMMBA Program by June 1st. First, we will reduce the $1500 acceptance deposit by 50%. Second, you get to select your class day – choose between the Monday or the Wednesday section. (more about the class schedule) And third, start participating in TMMBA events and activities. From career services to guest speaker events, there are many options to expand your thinking and start building relationships with others in the TMMBA network.

It’s not too early to submit your application – we have already received new applications for the next class. (the next TMMBA class will begin in January 2014 with a week-long program immersion taking place in December 2013) We have a rolling admissions process which means that we begin reviewing your file as soon as we receive your complete application. In most cases, you’ll have an answer from the admissions committee within a month of when your application is complete. So the sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll have a decision. And the sooner you can begin planning for your future as a TMMBA student!

Don’t forget, we are here to help. We host Application Workshops every month, and we’re available to meet for an individual conversation to answer your questions about the admissions process. (View Application Requirements)

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