April Admit Weekend

Day One. Foster’s April Admit Weekend began with a Welcome Reception, and walking into the midst of it was equal parts nerve-wracking and exciting. I grabbed a drink, took a deep breath, and jumped into the closest group’s conversation. Shortly afterward, Tim announced it was time to sit down for the Celebration Dinner, and the table I chose included two alumni, a staff member, and two of my future classmates. I appreciated the mix of former, current, and upcoming Foster topics and perspectives. Chatting continued at District Lounge- the week’s Pub Club location. A bunch of first-year students were there and doling out all kinds of helpful advice. I left in a great mood, marveling at how quickly I was starting to feel like an official Foster MBA.

Day Two was an abrupt about-face from Day One’s wining and dining. My fellow admits and I got a taste of an intense school day at Foster: seven hours of back-to-back sessions, workshops, and presentations. It was critical information and definitely beneficial, so we were glad to have it. By the day’s end though, the glazed eyes and drooping posture evinced that we had reached max mental capacity. Having a “TG” (short for “Thank Goodness…”) that night couldn’t have been more fitting. TGs are biweekly themed parties/gatherings sponsored by a Foster club or affiliate group. We were lucky enough to attend the Bollywood TG, and the Indian food, music, and dancing were just what we needed to unwind!

The fun and bonding continued on Day Three, which we kicked off with an Underground Tour of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. The stories about Seattle’s founding and early history were fascinating- even the admitted students in our group who were born and raised in the city learned a ton. We had lunch at a luxe spot overlooking Lake Union’s picturesque pier and made plans to stay connected online or in person. I, for one, cannot wait for this Fall.

~Guest Blogger Annie Koski-Karell, Full-Time Class of 2013