Aprile a Milano

Ciao everyone,

April at Bocconi University means midterms. There are no classes for these two weeks, but still campus is abuzz with students. The library is so busy these days that on Monday my roommate, and I couldn’t find seats together! Like nothing I’ve seen at a library before. It’s been an experience, to say the least. I myself have two midterms to study for. One is a finance topic, and I’ve been studying with classmates, half of which are fellow exchange students, half of which are Bocconi students. The other midterm I have been spending more time preparing for, as the course is in Italian and the exam is timed. Fortunately it’s multiple choice, that helps!

I’m really enjoying taking courses in Italian. It’s been a challenge, but my Italian has improved so much. The experience of being an Italian-as-a-second -language student has developed my studying skills. Also, I feel like the class environment is different, and in that respect I’m having a real immersion experience. For instance, the students in my Italian classes applaud at the end of every lecture. It’s nice!

jenepher.jpgLast weekend I went to a soccer game and it was a blast. This was something that I was looking forward to when I came to Milan. I wasn’t especially a soccer fan before coming, but it’s definitely a part of Italian culture, given the coverage it gets on TV and newspapers. San Siro stadium is an enormous structure, and the fans come looking serious about their soccer. The crowd in the section below mine stood and sang and cheered through the entire game! It was so much fun! Although it was a smaller game (AC Milano vs. Cagliari), the stadium was nearly full. We’ve already bought tickets for our next game. It’s AC Milan playing Inter, which are both Milan teams, and they call it the Derby; so it should be an exciting event.

So next post I’ll have the results of two suspenseful events. Bocconian midterms and the Derby!

A presto!