Arriving in Singapore

By Craig Buchanan, Foster Undergraduate who participated in an exchange with the National University of Singapore.

August 1st 2016

Singapore Craig BuchananI’ve been in Singapore for almost two weeks now for my study abroad program. It has been quite the experience already. It began with almost missing my connecting flight into Singapore. Upon arriving in Singapore I was wide-eyed everywhere I went, and I was trying to soak everything in. I bought a cell phone plan and bus pass before I knew how to use either. I got to campus and walked around my dorm building for 30 minutes trying to find where to check in. I quickly found out how hot and humid it really is here (90 degrees and high humidity feels like 105). I finally got checked into my dorm which I was less than impressed with. No AC, a 30 yard walk to the nearest bathroom and the all white walls with fluorescent lights feel a bit like a hospital. Right after I arrived at the dorm I went to a business orientation where I quickly met a lot of international friends. I’ve maybe met very few Americans and have actually found a solid group of about 5 guys from Norway that I’ve begun to hang out with consistently. I also have Danish, Italian, and German friends who I really enjoy being with. I love learning from my international friends and hearing their perspective on topics.

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