An Awarding Experience: Washington Awards

I have had such a privilege in joining the Foster Consulting Program this quarter and to work with wonderful teammates. This experience has been super special for me. Not only that I got to explore more about being a consultant and working together with my teammates to help our client, but also I’ve learned so much from my team, project manager, and advisers. Each one of them is just so passionate about the project that we are working on; it inspires me to be more like them and put in all effort to assist our client.

In the beginning, I was super nervous and stressed to join the Foster Consulting Program since it is very competitive and intense. I found it hard to be on the same page with other team members. However, as I get to know my team more, I start more comfortable talking to them and express my ideas. I really appreciate having such awesome teammates who give me super helpful advice and explain difficult problems to me. I’m super honored to have such a unique experience in my freshman year. Moving forward, I want to continue to learn about consulting and enhance my skills in this area. In the future, I hope I can return to the Foster Consulting Program and do more projects with different teammates to help clients with their business problems.

Thank you so much to the Foster Consulting Program!

– Jingqi Huang, Freshman, 2024

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