Back to School

It’s day two of my second year in the Foster MBA program and it’s great to be back.  The new building isn’t 100% finished yet, but we’re up and running and it’s a HUGE upgrade from good old Balmer High.

Here’s a glimpse of what a day in the life of a 2nd year looks like.  You can expect more of these entries in the future from other current MBAs.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

7:00 am – Wake up and take a short run through Cowen Park. Have to get in my outdoor runs before the rain starts again! Quick breakfast and a cup (or two) of coffee and I’m out the door to walk to campus.

9:30 am – Join my first-year team in one of their first meetings. Part of my role as a Fritsky Leadership Fellow is to provide feedback on their team dynamics and process.

10:30 am – Have my first Ethics class with Scott Reynolds and learn the team I’ll be working with for the quarter. We have some exciting projects, including a multi-round debate and the opportunity to present to Dan Bross, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft.

12:30 pm – Attend a Women in Business sponsored lunch event about personal branding. Great talk and free pizza. Not bad.

1:30 pm – Work through a case with another new team in my first corporate finance class. Almost certain that Jennifer Koski is the nicest professor I’ve ever met.

3:30 pm – Rush over to the MBA program office after class for a meeting with Tim Hossain to discuss the upcoming Preview Weekend, Shadow Days, and other events for the quarter that require Student Ambassador volunteers.

4:00 pm – Hang out with a few classmates outside Orin’s Place café in Paccar Hall, chatting and sorting through my assignments for the quarter.  I feel SO much better with a to-do list!

6:00 pm – Walk home, whip up a quick dinner and sneak in a rerun of The Office. You know, the one where Toby leaves for Costa Rica and Andy steals Jim’s proposal night? Hilarious.

7:30 pm – Spend the next couple of hours reading a finance case, writing my weekly Ethics journal entry, and working on my keyboard parts before the MBA band practice this Sunday.

11:00 pm – Call it quits after 16 hours. Pretty normal day in the life of a Foster MBA.