Being Spontaneous in Europe

Guest post by Sabrina de Bont. Sabrina spent Spring Quarter 2017 studying at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) in the Netherlands.

I am the type of person to stay in my comfort zone and always plan before making big actions. One of the biggest lessons I learned while studying abroad is to be spontaneous, this was especially important because without spontaneity I would have barely done anything while abroad.

This lesson really came into play when Emma, another exchange student and I started talking about the trips to other countries we wanted to make. We realized fast that three months was going to race by.

We ended up scheduling some of our trips as close as a week before! By taking a risk and taking quick action I was able to see Paris, Dublin, London, and Berlin which was truly amazing.

The Paris trip was sprung upon us by a group called ESN, they had organized a whole weekend exploring Paris and at the last minute we decided to sign up! Most schools in Europe have their own version of ESN, which is aimed at helping out exchange students by putting on many events including big trips around Europe.

We decided to make Dublin and London our big week long trip. A few days before our trip we started making our big plans of what we wanted to see and booked a trip to the other side of Ireland to the cliffs of Moher. That day long trip was one of the biggest highlights of the trip, we were able to see so much of Ireland and that was another moment that taught me that being spontaneous is not a bad thing.

A good friend of mine from high school lives in Berlin so we decided to go for one final trip for three nights to Germany. We were able to visit a concentration camp, a few museums, and wander around Berlin and see it through a Berliner’s eyes.

If I had not stepped out of my comfort zone I doubt I would have gone on any of these amazing trips. In the future I am going to remember this experience and tell myself that it’s okay to go with the flow and sometimes it’s even more fun that way!!