Bergen Beginnings

By: Stacey Kammerer, Foster Undergraduate

Hei hei! I’m Stacey, a senior of the Foster School, and am spending my fall semester in Bergen, Norway at NHH. Bergen is such a cute city (and very student friendly). It’s right on the water, and there are huge ships coming in all of the time. There’s also a fish market and about three shopping malls downtown. We have seven mountains surrounding the city. I’ve hiked one (or two?) of them so far. The only drawback about Bergen is that I think it rains here more than Seattle. But as they say here, there’s no bad weather in Bergen, just badly dressed people. The good news is that rain boots and Helly Hanson are fashionable here, so bring your rain gear. I like to think my Northface blends right in.

This year is the 75th anniversary of NHH, so there were a lot of celebrations two weeks ago. The Norwegian king came to the school as part of the ceremonies. There’s some construction going on here too, which reminds me of UW, but it’s scheduled to be done in 2012 I think, so you’ll have a nice, new building which can hopefully compete with Paccar. I signed up for something here called the Bergen Challenge, which I am excited about and am sure will be the topic of my next blog. We have had one get together, and I think I got to know more Norwegian students in one night that way than I have from my whole time here in Norway so far.