Bonjour à tous

DSCN2488Nantes, France is famous for LU Biscuits and rain (although the weather has been very nice thus far). The city itself is easy to navigate. It is not overwhelmingly large, and you can master the tramway system on your first ride. There are beautiful gardens like le jardin des plantes and Beaujoire, historic hotspots like le Château des Ducs de Bretagne and an abundance of restaurants and bars.

Before coming here, I did not anticipate just how many different cultures I would meet. Here at Audencia Ecole de Management, there are foreign students from all over the world studying in French or English. I’ve meet students from Korea, China, Morocco, Ireland, Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Uruguay and of course France. The International Connection Team (IC Team) here really takes care of the international students and are always planning parties and social events. A few weeks ago I went to a bar party arranged by the IC Team and because of the mix of people and the different capabilities in speaking French (that range from fluent to none), at any one time, you had French, DSCN2477English, German and Spanish being spoken around the bar. It was quite an experience!

While the weather was still warm, I made some trips out to the smaller coastal towns (less than an hour away by train) to see the beaches. La Baule is a popular destination for students, and I’m not surprised! The beach was spacious and beautiful but more importantly, there were sea shells everywhere! I’ve never seen anything like it in Washington! There were so many shells that when the waves washed over them, it sounded like a rain stick!

A tout à l’heure!