Bow Down To Washington: Foster students impress at competitions around the US and the world

This year, teams of Foster students have posted impressive performances at intercollegiate competitions that took place all over the map.

Foster undergrads at the Belgrade Business Competition.


Foster Undergraduate students finished:

  • 1st at the McDonough Business Strategy Challenge, Georgetown University (Jennifer Louie, Matthew Lam, Truman Ngo and Sydney Solis)
  • 1st at the National Women’s Case Competition, University of Texas (Rose Jao, Ashley Ng, Nella Kwan and Kate Jung)
  • 2nd at the National Diversity Case Competition, Indiana University (Mariama Sidibe, Sutha Zin, Guillermo Condemarin and Aarthi Ganapathi)
  • 2nd at the Belgrade Business Competition in Serbia (Amanda Schmitz, Sophie Wong-on-Wing, Keenan Goodman and Preston Gulledge, who was named Best Presenter)
  • 3rd at the Business Language Case Competition, BYU (Richard Perry, Renee Ren and Reanne Wong [Mandarin track] and Juan Carolos Rodriguez, Mackenzie Thurlby and Anthony Gomez [Spanish track])
  • Also competed at the at the Marshall International Case Competition at USC, the McGill International Case Competition in Montreal, and the Navarra International Case Competition in Pamplona, Spain.

Evening MBAs at the Venture Capital Investment Competition.

The masters

Foster MBAs finished:

  • 1st at the Smeal MBA Sustainability Case Competition, Penn State (Rachel Hester, Emma Hohenstein, Sam Choi and Mason Choy)
  • 2nd at the PepsiCo Invitational Case Competition, University of Texas (Kelsey Zhou)
  • 2nd at the MBA Media and Entertainment Case Competition, UCLA (Nimit Pathak, Daniela El Saghir, Owen Bitas, Ben Schwartz and Jason Schechtman)
  • 2nd at the ACG Cup Northwest, Portland (Brandon Abang, Travis Boyd, Abe Curry, Silvana Saieh Yidi)
  • 2nd (and Entrepreneur’s Choice) at the Venture Capital Investment Competition, West Region (Natalie Cook, Renate Kroll, Vera Martinovich, Sara Mosiman, and Hillary Obye)
  • 3rd at the Emerging Markets Case Competition, University of Maryland (Daniel Dang, Jeremy Greenberg, Phil Bozarth-Dreher)
  • Best Q&A” at the KeyBank Case Competition, Ohio State University (Li-Ann Yap, Derik Kumagi and Jamie Young)

Dan Poston, assistant dean for masters programs, points out that Foster is unique among schools in consistently sending teams that are self-formed rather than hand-selected to maximize talent. He adds that most of these competitions are judged without knowledge of which students represent which schools. “In school-blind competition,” he says, “Foster MBA students very often outperform MBAs from the highest-ranked programs.”

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