Bringing it all together

Scott Hannah, TMMBA Student (Class of 2010)

Papers are written, tests are taken, and now it’s down to one final assignment – the Capstone presentation.  It has been an extremely interesting time working on this project.  Not only was it a chance for us to showcase the skills we’ve developed over the entire program, it was also an opportunity for those of us who have never ventured into the entrepreneurial world to see what it’s like to enter and compete in the marketplace.

This year’s capstone projects were a bit different from those in previous years.  In addition to the projects selected from the University’s portfolio of patents, students had the opportunity to either work with “Entrepreneurs in Residence” on their projects; continue to develop the projects they began in the previous quarter’s Entrepreneurship class; or as in our case, work on a commercialization project from an ongoing venture.

As fascinating and informative as the lecture cases have been, they pale in comparison to actually seeing up close and personal the challenges and struggles a young company goes through.  It takes a certain personality to persevere in this environment, and Sir/Madam I salute you for your effort!  In the short amount of time we had to work on this project, we were only able to outline the barest sketch of a commercialization path and plan for this company, but our efforts were appreciated and I know I’ll be watching with interest to see how this venture plays out over time.

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