Building Relationships in Rome

By Isaiah Barhoum, Foster Undergraduate who participated in the Accounting Rome Exploration Seminar in Early Fall Start 2017. Isaiah was a GBC Study Abroad Scholarship recipient. 

Going to Rome was an amazing experience. I was able to see what it was like in Italy, which gave me a new perspective on my life in America. First off, there was tons of walking! We walked all over the place. Luckily, I purchased some new sandals and wore them for the majority of the trip; this made it much easier to adjust to. Second off, people were much more simple and easy going. This may have been a result of me being on vacation, but either way the people I interacted with made the trip very enjoyable in that sense. You could imagine how these two things combined can result in a much slower pace of life and a lot less stress.

While we were in Rome, we visited the Vatican, Coliseum, ancient Roman ruins, and many local statues. After visiting them, I can see why they are mainstream tourist attractions; they are awesome! I took many pictures at each place and posted some on my Instagram while I was there.

The other students in our program were also great. I got much closer with friends that I already had at UW, and I met brand new people who I am now close friends with. Between studying, sight seeing, and the nightlife, there was plenty of time to build relationships.

Overall, this trip was a success. I was moved by the culture, impressed by the city, and became closer with my peers. I am thankful for the Foster School of Business for hosting this experience and all of the donors for making it a possibility.

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