cambodia1.JPGDuring the recess week I went to Cambodia to visit the world famous Angkor temples in Siem Reap. Mostly people probably have heard of Angkor Wat, which has been featured on every Cambodian flag since 1863, but the Angkor Archaeological Park contains much more than just Angkor Wat. Temples such as Angkor Thom and Bayon are also part of the huge complex that takes days to tour.

cambodia2.JPGI spent about three days in Siem Reap (the tourist hub and gateway to the temples) and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I have seen the sunrise at Angkor Wat and breathtaking sunset on Tonlé Sap Lake (largest fresh water lake in SE Asia), where people live in floating villages. The local food somewhat resembles Thai cuisine and is excellent. Among all of the countries I have been to in SE Asia, Cambodia has been the most interesting and worthwhile place to visit.