Can you please pass the salt?

Mikaela Houck, Program Coordinator

As part of the new student orientation in early December, Class 11 participated in a formal four-course Etiquette Dinner event held at the Bellevue Club. The evening was a great success –not only was it a good occasion for students to get to know each other outside of the classroom, but it was also a unique opportunity for students to learn tips that will improve their professionalism, enhance their networking skills, and help them take the next steps in their career. Plus, “a-ha” moments were shared when the age-old question was answered – “What exactly does business professional attire mean?” And no, the answer is NOT the Seattle standard of jeans and a polo shirt :).Etiquette Dinner

Here are just a few tips that were shared, compliments of our etiquette consultant, Arden Clise:

1.  To ensure that your name tag is easy to read, you should place it below your right shoulder.

2.  At a business lunch, you can begin talking business once everyone has placed their order and exchanged pleasantries.  

3. When someone toasts you at a business meal, you should say thank you and take a sip of your drink.

While the students may not claim to be etiquette experts, they will certainly feel that much more poised and confident as they embark on their next business meal. Couple proper etiquette with a Foster TMMBA education – can’t beat it!

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