Ciao da Milano!

My name is Jenepher Schulte, and I’m a finance student in my junior year. For spring semester I am studying at Universita’ Bocconi. So far studying abroad has been an exhilarating experience. I arrived January 8th and took an Italianjen1.jpg course through the university for the first month, at which I made friends with many other exchange students from around the world. Each weekend we took the train from Milan and explored another part of northern Italy. During the week between the language course and the start of the semester I went to Florence with some girls. Florence was beautiful! There was so much history and art to see there! I look forward to traveling more on the upcoming school breaks.

jen2.jpgThis is the second week of the semester and I’m enjoying my classes very much. The majority of my courses are on business topics, and I’m enjoying greatly the experience of being a student in another country.

The weather has been such a treat, at least to me a Seattle native. It’s consistently sunny and around 65 degrees. One thing I miss from Seattle is the coffee, and for that matter, the coffee was the last thing I expected to miss. An espresso and brioche is a delicious breakfast; I’ve embraced it entirely! But during that early morning class a big, warm mocha would be nice.

A presto!