CISB alumna now a management consultant in Chicago

Stephanie BeaudoinStephanie Beaudoin graduated from the University of Washington Foster School of Business in 2013 with a BABA. She also earned a Certificate of International Studies in Business. Stephanie was a member of the Spanish track and studied abroad in Santiago, Chile. After graduating from UW, she started a career in management consulting with Accenture in Denver, CO. She currently lives in Chicago, IL and works in management consulting for Slalom Consulting. Stephanie took a moment to share how CISB has influenced her career.

How did your CISB experience help you in your career?
As a management consultant I work in diverse teams to complete short-term projects. International exposure through CISB gave me the communication skills I need today to communicate cross-functionally with clients and within my teams. Additionally, CISB provided leadership opportunities (CISB Vice President & Global Business Case Competition Ambassador Manager) that were key stepping stones into my first job.

What are a few highlights from and/or fondest memories of your study or work abroad experience?
As a part of the CISB program I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile. I completed a direct business exchange and was able to take all business courses at Pontificia Universidad Catolica (PUC) in Santiago.

Highlights of my business school experience at PUC:

  • Fulfilling my UW business communication course requirement in Spanish and having to give weekly speeches on random business topics in Spanish.
  • Taking a Chilean economics course from the former Finance Minister of Chile under Augusto Pinochet.

Highlights of study abroad outside of school:

  • Building friendships with students from all over the world.
  • Having the opportunity to ski in the Andes.
  • Exploring Patagonia.

What are your career plans?
I plan to continue to grow my career in management consulting and want to return to school to complete my MBA. Additionally, I am continuing to seek new opportunities to promote sustainable business practices.