CISB U.S. Track Alumni Reunite Virtually

On October 23, the CISB U.S Track’s first faculty advisor, Gordon Neumiller, and CISB program advisor Deanna Fryhle got together with 10 U.S. track alumni, including Ya-Han Brownlee-Chen, Mimi Ragsdale, Nuri Aydinel, Rose Zhang, Amber Jiang, Yao Chen, Jodie He, Linda Li and Shuman Zheng for a US Track alumni Happy Hour on Zoom. Everyone had a great time connecting with each other after so long. Alumni shared pictures and stories about their time in CISB, especially the field trips to City Ice, the UW Golf Range, and MOHAI. More than 15 years on, many memories are still fresh. Deanna also shared her latest progress in Mandarin with the alums.

CISB US track virtual reunion

The track was started in 2005, with Ya-Han serving as the inaugural track president and Gordon as an advisor. Most members of the US Track are international students from different countries. Many of them return to their home countries after graduation.

The virtual reunion was organized by Amber Jiang, former U.S. Track President. The idea originated when she ran into Gordon, four years after the last U.S Track reunion in 2016. The pandemic might have kept people from traveling, but it also gives a chance for people who are far away to get together again virtually.

Amber Jiang, BABA 2017, MSIS 2020

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