CISB alumni updates 2011

Wonder what our alumni are up to? Check out this list of some recent updates.

Joyce Ardies ’10 is an Import-Export Specialist with Samskip IcePak Logistics in Everett, WA.

Grace Baik ’04 just completed her MBA at Wharton and is now a Management Consultant at Accenture in San Francisco.

Alejandro Bondavalli ‘08 is a Junior Investment Adviser at HSBC Private Bank in Switzerland.

Burl Bagley-Bright ’09 is a Research Funding Manager for the UW.

Monica Barrett ’09 completed a Fulbright in Europe and is now a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Michael Bonnett ’09 is an Analyst, International Operations for JetBlue Airways in NY.

Rick Coila ’08 is a teacher at Tsinghua International School in Beijing, China.  He teaches AP economics, Asian History and SAT prep classes.

Haley Doan ‘10 is an Associate in the Management Department of a manufacturing company, Takagi Co., Ltd., in Kitakyushu, Japan.  She writes, “If there are any CISB Japanese track students interested in working in Japan or learning about doing business in Japan, please let them know they can contact me.”

Susan Ebbert ’01 is a Services Consultant, CA Technologies in Austin, Texas.

Britten Ferguson ’10 is Social Media/Marketing Coordinator for Costa Rica Outward Bound.

Lisa Grekowicz Smith ’03 is a Senior Finance Manager at Microsoft.

Jenna Holtzman ‘07 is an attorney with Lathan and Watkins LLP in California.

Joel Lanzaga ’08 is a Business Analyst at DaVita in the Evergreens Program, a two-year rotational leadership program with a focus on Finance/Accounting and Reimbursement Operations.

Hyeon Jun Lee ’06 is an Interpreting Officer for the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Korea.

I-Nong Lee ’05 is in the Master of Health Administration Program at the UW.

Zhe Liu ’03 is a Global Trade Specialist at Weyerhaeuser.

Josue David Mendoza ‘09 is International Portfolio Manager for Business News Americas Ltd. in Las Condes, Chile.

Jodi Meyer ’00 is an accountant with Williams & Nulle CPA in WA.  She writes, “I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for a few years after college.  I’m happy to say that my experience with CISB has been very relevant to my career as my specialty is international taxation, including tax consulting for foreign nationals and expatriates.  Over half of my clients are French, Swiss or Canadian.”

Aysa Miller ‘04 writes, “I’m on my second assignment in the Foreign Service working at the Consulate General in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I completed my last assignment in Washington where I worked in an office that supported civic activists in the Middle East. My wife (Venus Kennedy ’04) will join me in Sao Paolo, working with Deloitte’s Brazil practice. They have offices all over South America.  I just completed seven months of Portuguese training at the Foreign Service Institute.”

Jessica Miner ’08 is a consultant with LMC Consulting Group in Seattle, WA.

Morganna Nickoff ’10 is a Web Strategy Analyst at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Shannon O’Grady ‘07 is Operations Analyst and Trading Assistant for the Blackstone Group in New York.

Polia (Ivanova) Quinn ‘03 just began a new position as Foreign Trade Zone Administrator at Helly Hansen in Auburn, WA.  She was formerly with Expeditors International.

Brian Poon ’10 is an Accountant in the Sales Accounting Group 1 at the Boeing Company.

Frances Pontemayor ’10 is an editor at Ninhao Online Corporation, Ltd., in Beijing, China.

Rania Rampersad ’05 is an attorney for Asylum Access, a refugee rights organization, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Rania says, “working here is a dream come true.”

Samantha Rayner ‘09 is Executive Director of Lumana.  She says, “Lumana is always looking for talented and driven people to be a part of our Fellows program so feel free to contact [email protected] to get involved.”

Johnny Sbrizzi ’09 is a Credit Manager for Wells Fargo in Marysville, WA.

Jenepher Schulte ’10 is a Junior Analyst for Unifund SA in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dustin Sidhu ‘09 is a Financial Analyst with Intel Corp. in Portland, Oregon.

Jake Silzer ‘05 is a Technology, Audit & Compliance Manager, APAC/JAPAN for in San Francisco, CA.

Andrew Smollin ‘07 is working for Deutsche Bank in Tokyo, Japan.  He recently met up with CISB student Satomi Wakana in Tokyo and “introduced her to our Head of Market Data and gave her a tour of one of our trading floors and our data center.“

Anh Tran ’05 is working on his MBA at the Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania.  He was previously Senior Investment Officer with DFJ VinaCapital LP in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Ben Wood ’09 is in law school at Duke University.

Ka Yan Yee ’01 is a Business Development Manager in the Pacific Asia Reefer Department for Samskip Icepak Logistics in Qingdao, China.

Satomi Yokota ’09 is working for Ernst and Young in Tokyo, Japan.

Zach Zygar ’08,   currently at KPMG, will be moving to Vulcan, where, as a Senior Accountant, he will manage the financial reporting of a small foreign operation and several domestic properties.

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