City or United?

Guest post by Andrew Bagherpour, a Foster student studying Accounting, who participated in the Foster exchange at the University of Manchester in England.

Being a fan of the English Premiere league from Seattle is no easy task. I have countless memories of rolling out of bed at 6 or 7 in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday to turn on NBC sports. My friends all thought I was insane. But I knew that I had a desire that needed to be fulfilled, and that is what prompted me to select Manchester as my number one choice for the exchange program.

Living in Manchester and being a 15-minute bus ride from two other top clubs in the entire world is a dream come true. The University of Manchester student union even offers discounted tickets as low as 10 GBP. I attended numerous games. I was able to see other top clubs visit the Etihad (Manchester City) and Old Trafford (Manchester United) such as Tottenham and my personal favorite Arsenal.

The memories I experienced go beyond a normal game or two. In the midst of the games I attended Manchester City broke the win streak record in English soccer history that spans over a century. Manchester United won games by impressive margins of 3 and 4 goals. No matter which team you choose to be your favorite, you can’t go wrong.

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