Class 10 Kindle vs. Hardcopy version for Spring 2010

Nhi Huynh, Fiscal Specialist

Class 10 students will need to choose either Kindle version or Hard-copy version for Spring Quarter 2010. I know some students already decided which version they would get, and some students have to stick with the hard-copy since they chose hard-copy last quarter. There are some of you haven’t make decision of choosing Kindle version again or switch to hard-copy. Knowing the courses that you will be taking in Spring can be impact your decision, so I would like to have those courses included here. Here are the following courses for class 10 Spring Quarter:
1. Finance
2. Macroeconomics
3. Management/Leadership across cultures
For those of you haven’t decided yet, now you can make decision and let one of TMMBA staffs know ASAP.

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