Copenhagen Parks

Guest post by Lindsay Ligon, a Foster student studying Operations and Supply Chain Management who participated in the Foster exchange at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. 

Although Copenhagen is an urban area with a population of almost 600,000, the city has an impressive amount of green space. It is a municipal policy in Copenhagen that all residents must have the ability to access a park within 15 minutes walking distance. Enjoying the parks, like biking, is a way of life in Copenhagen.

My favorite park in the city, which is about a 5 minute walk from my apartment, is called Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Gardens). The park was established in 1699 by King Ferderik IV as a garden for his palace, which still stands today.

The park is my favorite not only because of its location, but because of the buildings left over from the time the gardens were used as ground for the King’s palace, including the palace itself, a Chinese-style summerhouse, a Roman-style temple, and a Swiss cottage. The park is also adjacent to Søndermarken, a more natural outdoor space, which looks less like a garden and more like something you’d expect to find on a hike.

Frederiksberg Have is always busy with locals and tourists walking, running, or having a picnic. It’s a way to escape city life without leaving the city.


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