Creating a Winning Career Plan

In my work with students, I usually ask these two questions at the beginning of their program:

  •  How would you like your TMMBA degree to advance your career?
  • What is it that you really want to do during or after your TMMBA program?

 Some students are interested in changing careers, often desiring a broader view of an organization with business orientation.   Career planning then becomes an important component, essentially charting this course and taking action.   One suggested tool is structuring career goals into three categories:

  1.  Short-range: Critical for present position (less than 1 year)
  2. Mid-range: Important for growth within present or future positions (1 to 2 years)
  3. Long-range: Helpful for achieving long term career goals (3 to 5 years)

 A new career group starts this month.  It is designed to walk-through the process of deciphering/evaluating options, making a decision, and planning next steps.   Although a highly individualized process, synergies will occur while working together.  Since career exploration begins with self-exploration, this is the starting place.   The members will evaluate skills (Which ones are transferable/portable?), values, interests (key factor), motivating factors, etc.

I am excited about the energy and insights from the group members, and certainly look forward to witnessing and supporting their progress!

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