Daniel Braun – UW Husky Athletics

10428625_10152886109578809_5626632332520909856_nI chose Husky Athletics because I knew I wanted to get into the sports business. The Husky Athletics Game Day internship provided an excellent foot in the door to gain experience not only for my resume, but about other positions available within a sports organization. Also, since I am a student here and a long time Husky fan, this was a very exciting position to hold.

As an intern, my main responsibilities occurred on game days specifically for all of our funded sports including Husky football, basketball, volleyball and more. Each game, we have a script with every promotion and presentation happening during the game whether it is on the court, video screen or just audio. Our job is to execute that script down the exact minute, so every presentation runs smoothly and we engage the crowd. I enjoyed working football and basketball games the most since they draw the biggest crowds and have some of the more exciting promotions.

I absolutely love working in sports because nowhere else can you really create such an electric atmosphere, and I can take pride in what I do when I help run a promotion that ignites the fans. Game Day preparation in the office allows me to use my creative skills to help brainstorm ideas for new in game fan interaction as well as ways to promote games and attract more fans. We use applications like Photoshop and InDesign to create promotional graphics that we can use to hand out as flyers or project onto social media. The actual Game Day work is much more fast-paced and allows us to interact with fans often making their day by giving out seat upgrades or free gear.

The culture at Husky Athletics is a very positive and light hearted one. Everyone there works in the department for the same reason; we love sports and want to create the best sporting experience for fans as well as players. We always look to improve and learn from any event that may not have turned out how we planned. Overall, this internship provides a great stepping stone for me in other positions within the department and other sports organizations.