Lucas Perin, TMMBA Student

This is a rip-off from a Brazilian writer named Luis Fernando Verissimo. He is describing a couple’s whole life using a dialogue. My first attempt at translating and adapting it is below:

– Shall we dance?
– Thank you.
– Do you come here often?
– I do.
– Are we dating?
– You need to talk to my father…
– I did already, now we just need to set the date.
– July 26th?
– Right.
– Don’t forget the rings…
– Do you love me?
– I do.
– I do.
– I can’t believe it, we are married. It all happened so fast!
– Were you nervous?
– I was not. Was it good?
– It was.
– I’m pregnant.
– It’s a boy!
– Looks like you!
– Where are you going?
– The baby is crying.
– Come here…
– Sweetie?
– Hmm?
– I’m pregnant again!
– It’s a girl!
– What’s up with you?
– Why?
– You seem distant…
– It’s my job…
– You’re having an affair!
– That’s silly.
– Yes, it is. Do you forgive me?
– Come here…
– Not here… the kids…
– Junior left, he had a date.
– Did you talk to him about…
– Yes, he knows exactly what to do.
– What? Did you tell him?
– No, he knew better than I did. This generation knows everything. I just had to teach him how to use the wrench.
– What!?
– Oh, do you mean… I thought it was the car. And what about Liz?
– It’s getting serious…
– With the software engineer?
– Yep, by the way…
– They are living together! I knew it!
– She’s going to the hospital.
– Already?!
– They’ve got twins!
– You know… you’re a cool grandma…
– Who would’ve known?
– Come here…
– Not here… the kids…
– What kids?
– The twins… Liz left them here.
– Aw.
– What?
– I feel a pressure in my chest.
– You have to take care of yourself. You’re in the dangerous age.
– Already!?
– Liz is pregnant again.
– Twins again? That software engineer must be using the binary system.
– Must Junior’s band use our garage? This is hell.
– And the name of the band? Terror and Ecstasy?
– They’re going to wake up the twins.
– Aw.
– What? Your heart again?
– Don’t worry. Hey, this ballad they’re playing… I sort of like it.
– Shall we dance?
– No way! Don’t you remember what happened last time?

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