Different Tuition Fees for TMMBA Waitlisted and Nonwaitlisted Students

Nhi-Huong Huynh, Fiscal Specialist

I just posted the AUT Quarter tuition breakdown on Blackboard a couple weeks ago, and I received many emails and calls from students asking the same questions about the difference between Nonwaitlisted vs.Waitlisted and why there are different costs. I thought I might want to answer this question here to share with other current students or newly admitted students.
Nonwaitlisted refers to students who are admitted into the class for the current year; they will pay the tuition fee of the current class. Waitlisted is for students who were on the waitlist from last year; they will pay the tuition fee of last year, which costs less.
For example: For next year’s class (entering in 2011), if you are admitted this year (2010) to TMMBA and would like to defer to next year (2011), you will enter as a Waitlisted student and might have less tuition fee compared to other students who are admitted in 2011. Hope it makes sense to you.

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