Dom’s Time in Barcelona

Guest post by: Senior majoring in marketing and minoring in real estate, Dominic Vrana. During Winter 2022, Dominic studied abroad with ALBA Barcelona 

My Foster Study abroad experience was the culmination of a whole 4 years of adventure. To give a little bit of context I got into ALBA Barcelona when I was a sophomore 2 years ago, I  hadn’t even gotten into my major at that point. Then we all know what happened the past two  years with COVID, my program got pushed back a year and I was skeptical that I was even  going to be able to go to Barcelona.  

When I got to Barcelona it was a dream come true, I was living in an apartment with my five friends with a 10-minute walk from the beach. The lifestyle in Barcelona is very relaxed  however with the school schedule I was taking it was the perfect combination of working hard  and playing hard. Personally, I think that I am a foodie, and one of my favorite parts of my  routine at Barcelona was the meals that I ate. A relaxed walk to my favorite local café, a market  lunch, and then some tapas for dinner at a hole in the wall place was on par for a great day in  Barcelona. Program wise, one of the biggest highlights was the Friday excursions that ALBA  would take us on. Every other Friday a group of 5-10 students would go on a cultural field trip to  a unique location. One of my favorite excursions was when we went cliff jumping into the  Mediterranean Sea and then hiking along the beach, ending the day with a family style Spanish  dinner. My study abroad experience was a great ending to my 4 years at UW and I would  recommend it to anyone on the fence, just do it you won’t regret it.