From Economics Undergrad to Business Analytics Master and Hopeful E-commerce Entrepreneur

Linjie Fu- MSBA 2021 cohort member.

Linjie Fu is part of the Foster Master of Science in Business Analytics 2021 cohort and an MSBA student ambassador. Previously, Linjie studied Economics at the University of Minnesota and hopes to one day start his own e-commerce company. Keep reading to learn more about Linjie and why he chose Foster!

About Linjie

Originally from China, I moved to the U.S when pursuing my undergraduate education. I am a strong proponent of what I call “filling knowledge gaps.” Essentially, if I come across a topic that I don’t know a lot about, but it seems interesting or like it could be useful to me, I spend my free time researching it.

At the moment, when I am not working or studying for my MSBA classes, I can be found studying human biology and contract law. I also think physical agility is just as important as mental agility so I regularly play basketball.

Why Foster MSBA

What attracted you to the Foster MSBA program?

While searching for a master’s program that would be right for me, I found that too many programs either overemphasized the business or technical aspects of business analytics, but found that the Foster’s MSBA program had curriculum with an ideal 50/50 balance.

What classes have you enjoyed the most so far?

I really enjoyed taking Spreadsheet Modeling (BUS AN 507) with Professor Shi Chen over summer quarter, because I think the class will be super useful to me when I start my own e-commerce company. Professor Chen is also originally from China so it was cool to share that bond and other similar experiences with him as well.

What connections have you made or are hoping to make through the Foster MSBA program?

Currently, my classmates and I are participating in the Adobe Analytics Challenge together, and it’s been really great to see the different strengths and attributes that we all have. Professor Chen has been serving as the faculty advisor for my team, and it’s been fun to get to know him from that angle as well.

Another source of support for myself and other students has been Lindsey. She always makes herself readily available to answer all our questions. Lindsey Bain-McCorkle is the Assistant Director of Student Services for the Foster MSBA and MSCM programs.

International Student Advice

As an international student, is there any advice that you would specifically give to prospective international students?

I would tell them to do all the research they possibly can, talk to people in their network, and attend admissions events whether they be in-person or virtual. Deciding to move for school, especially as an international student, is a big decision so I think it’s important to not treat it lightly.

I would also recommend looking into the Curricular Practical Training that the given school offers to its international students. Personally, I was able to get a job as a Business Systems Analyst, once I completed my CPT through the International Student Services at the University of Washington.

Lastly, I think the best way to know if a program is right for you is by talking to international students in the respective program because they can offer the most holistic perspective that you may be looking for.

That being said, if you are an international student applying to the UW Foster MSBA program, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Looking Ahead

What do you hope to accomplish after you graduate?

I would like to start my own e-commerce company. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ve noticed certain recreational markets that the U.S economy has really tapped into though I don’t see a lot of that happening in China. Similarly to how I fill my own knowledge gaps, I would like to fill this gap in the Chinese e-commerce industry.

At the same time, I am also open to opportunities in Seattle’s tech and data industry because it’s such a fast-growing local industry and there are so many opportunities to take advantage of it through Foster.

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Written by Maryam Noor
MSBA Writer and Content Strategist
[email protected]


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