EMBA and career military

Earning an Executive MBA is a great way to enhance your military career or build a bridge to a civilian career if you plan to transition out of the military.  Military candidates bring a strong background in leadership and personnel management to the EMBA Program, and their experience in these areas is valued by faculty and fellow students.  While polishing your skills in these areas, you will also gain exposure to core business disciplines, including accounting, finance and marketing.  Learning the language of business from an executive perspective will increase your effectiveness in the military, and it can be a critical factor in making a smooth transition to civilian employment if that is your goal.  In the UW Foster EMBA, you will not only learn the language of business, but learn how the key concepts are applied in business settings at a practical level.  You will also gain insights from, and build relationships with, fellow students and EMBA alumni, giving you a valuable network of experienced business professionals.

What a military officer says about EMBA

William PolaMajor William Pola
Class of 2011
US Army Reserve

I’ve wanted to go to grad school for 20 plus years. Qualifying for the new post-9/11 GI Bill after my second tour in Iraq provided the financial means to do it. That and the support of my employer… were integral in my ability to attend. As far as the MBA itself, I plan on working outside the military shortly after I finish the program and an MBA is a great calling card for civilian businesses that beats any amount of military experience.