EMBA Career Management helps define your destination

Career paths are practically as individual as the people who take them, and they often aren’t predictable or linear. (Something that a pandemic has reinforced for so many.) Whether that path winds, forks or shoots straight ahead, whether it’s as defined as a five-lane highway or more like an unmarked trail, pursuing an Executive MBA adds immeasurably to leaders’ abilities to skillfully navigate, adapt and lead others.

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Beyond the challenging coursework, thought-provoking professors and supportive teammates relished by Executive MBA students, Career Management Services provides the tools and support to define your destination(s), create your career map, and follow through with clarity and confidence.

Like an expert travel guide, Career Management Services provides a range of opportunities and resources to enhance career growth.

What does that include?

Delivered by a certified coach dedicated to the EMBA program, as well as through collaborative events with other Foster MBA career program teams, career support ranges from customized 1:1 career coaching sessions, webinars and workshops to self-serve tools and best-practice resources.

To help illustrate this benefit further, we asked some EMBA ‘travelers’ to share their experiences:

“I was confident in my own job application and interview abilities, but I was reaching for a high-profile executive role. EMBA Career Services helped me bring my best self to the opportunity. [My coach] provided fresh insights into my own communication habits and quirks, and helped me spotlight my strengths. EMBA Career Services gave me power in my corner to land that big executive role.” – Michele Arnold, current student

“I can say without hesitation that the Career Services were instrumental to my professional growth at the Foster School of Business. The personalized coaching services exceeded my expectations by providing me the focus, skills, and confidence necessary to launch into a career offering with boundless opportunity.” – Bill Fehrenbach, alumni

“[My coach’s] questions, tools and coaching are incredible and helped bring to light a number of insights about myself and my career. I became much more confident in the direction I was going due to her help. I have told many people that this is the best benefit from the UW EMBA program.” – Tobi Crabtree, alumni

“As a recently transitioned veteran, the EMBA career services supported my efforts to translate my military experience into solid business language. I was asked to take a hard look at my expertise, take credit for my accomplishments, and look under stones previously unturned. There were a lot of difficult sessions, and every single one of them paid off.” – Micheal Cummins, alumni

“Career Services is so much more than a resume tune-up and elevator pitch. I came back to them 10 years after I acquired my EMBA to rebalance, refocus and reenergize. I was at a pivot point in my career with pretty much an open book of possibilities, yet I felt jaded and needed fresh perspective. I wasn’t expecting nor particularly looking for it, but the experience transformed me. Working with Career Services, I rediscovered that deep conversation with myself about what really mattered, felt the power of shaking away old artifacts of job burnout and self-imposed limits, and felt centered once again, realigned with my core values. Now it is like looking down from the mountain top enjoying both the journey traveled and clarity of vision ahead.” – Brian Ho, alumni

And, since your career and professional growth will reveal new possibilities well past graduation, Career Management services are available to EMBA alumni as a lifelong benefit of your educational investment.

EMBA students tell us they pursue this experience for numerous reasons; at the core of them all is a profound drive for something ‘more’ in their careers. EMBA Career Management Services is a highly valuable partner, during the program and wherever your career takes you.

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