Enjoying Seoul-ful Music

Guest Post By: Amy Lin, a Senior studying Finance and Information Systems. She is a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, and she studied abroad through Foster Exchange at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, during Spring Semester 2022.

One of my favorites! As you can see, I was pretty close to the stage

This blog post goes out to all music lovers, especially those who love Korean music. One of the things that I absolutely enjoyed doing was going to concerts and music festivals. Despite Covid, I was able to go to a bunch of festivals and concerts. I really enjoyed k-r&b and k-pop so getting the opportunity to go see artists that I would have never been able to see back home in Seattle was a big game-changer for me. The convenience of going to them was dangerous for me to say the least. Every time I saw a post about an event, and I see artists that I like, I don’t hesitate to go buy tickets right away. I highly recommend going! In the spring, Seoul holds many music festivals so, you will have many opportunities to catch at least one.

I got to enjoy this one for free at a university.

If you aren’t able to go to any of the paid concerts or music festivals, there will be an opportunity to see some for free as well! Music is quite big here in Korea. Musical events happen everywhere whether you are looking for them or not. You can see people busk on the streets of Seoul every day. Schools also hold events as well and bring musical guests. It seems as if there was an event happening every other weekend. I have gotten the chance to see some artists multiple times just within the span of three weeks. So, if you are just like me and have a love for music, this is something that you might want to do here in Korea!