Entrepreneurship Resource Nights: Vision and Purpose

Entrepreneurship Resource Nights: Vision and PurposeEach week you can read a recap of the previous Entrepreneurship Resource Nights (Business Plan Practicum) session. This week, instructor John Zagula (founder, Ignition Capital) lead a class featuring David Younger, the CEO of A-Alpha Bio, as well as a panel of past student founders Jonathan Augustus of SclObo, Ann Jarris of Discovery Health, Susan Tai of Yumso, and Kathy Tuan of Mikki/NASTEAwho all competed in Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship competitions.


“Ideas come from everywhere.” – Alfred Hitchcock

“The best ideas come as jokes.” – David Ogilvy

“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo


First, thanks to those of you who came up front and pitched at the beginning of class. This is a key to any entrepreneur, so good work and keep it coming!

Thanks also to all of you for attending and participating so actively in last Thursday night’s session, “Your inspiration—from great ideas to company vision/purpose.” We covered ideas and vision and how to get and vet them from a variety of angles, including some jokes and some ideas that have changed the world. We learned the all important ABCs and how they can help as a framework for casting your vision of the future. You shared your thoughts on the best projects from your survey results, including that solving an actual problem is a good idea, one that is real to you, and also hopefully one that has a market greater than just you.

We also benefited from the real life experience of David Younger, CEO of A-Alpha Bio, who shared both his own personal inspiration and his insights as a founder around team and attitude; Know what to ask, don’t be afraid of not knowing or of seeking help, be known for being enthusiastic and coachable! (I say right on to all of these). And from our diverse and inspiring panelists, Jonathan Augustus, of SclObo (go nerds!), Ann Jarris of Discovery Health, Susan Tai of Yumso, and Kathy Tuan of Mikki/NASTEA. Not only did they share their own inspirations, but also their experiences as founders and the benefits of both doing the competitions and using the resources of the UW. Special thanks to them all!


Are you entre-curious but not sure how to begin? Have you always dreamed of creating a company? Do you already have a startup and want to take it to the next level? Students across campus are enrolled in the Business Plan Practicum (aka Resource Nights)—but you can also to drop-in and learn first-hand from local entrepreneurs the essentials of business planning and what it really takes to get a company off the ground! The ten sessions include topics such as: From idea to product; assessing risk; business models and financials; legal issues; crafting and giving a great pitch.

Resource Nights are each Thursday starting January 10 from 6 to 7:50 p.m. in PACCAR Hall 192 (Shansby Auditorium). Can’t make it in person? Lectures will be recorded and the links posted to our website weekly. View the Resource Night schedule for links and complete listing of topics and guest speakers.


Thursday, January 24 at 6:00 pm in PACCAR Hall, Shansby Auditorium (room 192)

Guest speaker(s) include Ben Gilbert, founder of Pioneer Square Labs. The focus of the class will be on validating a real problem and finding a viable solution. The class will also depart early to attend the final Team Formation Night of the year from the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, which follows SEBA’s Science and Technology Showcase. Students can still RSVP for the event to receive name-tags and other perks!

Reminder, you can drop-in or catch the recording of this weekly course.


Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge: Terri Butler
Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge: Lauren Brohawn
Dempsey Startup Competition (formerly UW Business Plan Competition): Sarah Studer